The Path to Greatness



This year more than ever before I realized how important it is to actually take time to self-reflect and  think about everything that I’m experiencing. This self-reflection helped me identify the learning I achieved from my experiences, whether good or bad. Every year before I would purchase a new, pretty looking reflection journal with the intention of using it to write my thoughts and reflections about my everyday work experiences; but it would only end up sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust. This year however I was somehow provoked into actually getting myself to write down what I’m feeling and thinking. Maybe, it’s because I really needed a mentor or someone to listen to me when I needed to vent about what I have been experiencing. I found writing to be my only consolation. The good thing about that though is that it helped me focus as I struggled to dig deeply in my thoughts to try to define why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling and what I needed to do to get to the next step in my journey.

Today, while browsing through all the wonderful resources on Twitter I came across this post HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF GREATNESS?  I was intrigued by the question, honestly. Greatness? I guess I was so unhappy where I was working this year that I didn’t think I was achieving any success let alone greatness. But reading this article I realized that we actually do achieve great things even when we seem to be entrenched in a pit of challenges.

As a Site Coordinator of a free standing Pre-K Center this year, I was responsible for managing the site and tending to everyday problems. I was the designee for the Assistant Principal when she was not present at the site. I quickly established procedures to efficiently and orderly manage the site. I demonstrated my leadership potential as I self-created a website, a calendar of events, a monthly newsletter and a Twitter account for the site. Since this was the first school experience for the majority of the children, I needed to make the parents and children feel welcomed and safe in our site. The parents entrusted us with their most precious gifts and they needed to feel comfortable leaving them in capable, loving and nurturing hands. I facilitated conferences between parents and teachers. I responded to parents’ inquiries regularly and maintained ongoing communication to alleviate anxiety, create transparency and strengthen partnerships between home and school. 

In retrospect, despite some obstacles that seemed to cloud my better judgement and deplete my morale at times, I believe that I have achieved a lot of success this year.


I learned that I need to rise above the problems to get to the next level of greatness; to get back on track and follow the steps towards my destination. I needed to focus on what I really want to do and what I’m really passionate about. I needed to pull myself out of the pit of challenges and focus on the successes; I needed to grasp on the reins of opportunity and get back to doing what I really love – working with teachers and students to improve literacy learning and achievement.

My role this year helped me grow in more ways than I anticipated. It helped me realize that the real path to greatness for me is not through management, but through real leadership. For me, that translates into finding myself and rediscovering my true passion. My true passion is collaborating with others and sharing my learning and experiences to promote success for all students and teachers. I took the opportunity and accepted a position of Reading Coach where I would be training teachers to help primary grades students achieve success in reading and writing. I feel that I’m part of bigger cause, where I would be impacting the learning and achievement of many teachers and students. I feel empowered and enthralled because I’m back on track to achieving greatness. 




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