Resources For Parents

external image ecMkG6kei.png The following is a list of resources, articles, and other readings on a variety of important topics of interest to help families work with their children at home. 


Why should parents read to and with their children everyday?

“Reading aloud with children is known to be the single most important activity for building the knowledge and skills they will eventually require for learning to read.”      – Marilyn Jager Adams

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Resources for Parents:

How to Read with Your Child | Reading Lessons

Parents’ Read-At-Home Plan for Reading Success- Grades K-3

What parents need to know about the research on how kids learn to read

Great informational video on phonological awareness from Ask & Answer Module

Informational video – Ask & Answer video from – Phonics

Starting your child’s reading journey

Colorin ColoradoGreat Website for parents of English Language Learners – provides a wealth of resources- special section for Hispanic families.

Free Resources for Parents from All About Learning Press

What Parents Can Do: Reading Tips from Kids

Reading Readiness: The Top 5 Skills

How to Read with Your Child | Reading Lessons video

Parent reading to a child – video

Reading With Your Child (Spanish) Great to use in a parent workshop

ELL Parent Involvement (Spanish) – May be used in parent workshop for Spanish speaking parents

Parent Tool Kit – Provides Resources for Parents of Children Grades Pre-K to 12

Reading Tip Sheet for Parents (in multiple languages) For Families (many resources)

Reading Tip Sheet for Parents (in multiple languages) For Families (many resources)

Building Reading Stamina

Parent Resource Guides to Student Success – By grade level – Provides Common Core expectations for each grade level _ Excellent Resource!!

Reading Tips for Parents of Children in Grades Pre-K to 3 – Available in 11 languages.

Internet4Classrooms Parent Zone- offers tons of resources for parents

12 Powerful Words for Parents

How Phonics Helps Children Learn to Read

Parents Resource Page on Reading Rockets

Be a Reading Role Model!

Share a Good Book

A Quick Guide to Current Literacy Language in the Classroom

Questions you can ask your child’s teacher

 5 Things Teachers Want Parents to Know

Teaming up with the teacher (video)

Choosing Books:books

When Children choose books for independent reading, they should choose books that they can read with 95% accuracy. By reading “just right” books, your child will practice all aspects of reading, including fluency and comprehension. Reading with comprehension means reading with understanding which is ultimately the goal of reading! As your child reads “just right” books, his/her ability to decode words will become even more automatic. As the child gains proficiency, he/she will enjoy what he/she is reading since it will be more meaningful.

How to Help Your Child Improve His or Her Writing Skills:

How to Help Your Child Become a Better Writer

Invented Spelling Guidelines for Parents

Simple Ways to Model Writing for Your Child

Simple Writing Lessons for Primary Grades Series

Prompt Your Child to be a Better Writer

Great Online Tools for Helping Your Child Improve His or Her Writing Skills:

Scholastic Story Maker – K- 8 – A fun way for children to create their own imaginative stories.

Plinkygreat site that provide random prompts for children to respond to. Just create an account and you’re ready to go!

Storybird–  This program is a great way for creative students to express their thoughts more efficiently. It helps students create short, art-inspired stories that can be published and shared with others.

Playficthe online community that lets you write, remix, share, and play interactive text-based games with the world.

LearnZillion- Fabulous website that provides excellent step by step instructional videos in reading, writing and math. Animated and easy to follow.  Grades 2 – 12