Fundations Magnetic Board Tools – Digital magnetic boards to use in Fundations lessons. (Download it to your computer.  Each time you finish using it, “Do not save” so it doesn’t save the board with the changes.)

Fundations Webinar part 1 part 2 Very good!

Fundations sounds and letter formation video (a walk through of letter sounds and letter writing formation for students)

Fundations Lesson Part 1 Part 2 (video)

Tapping out sounds (video)

Fundations multisyllabic words

Fundations in Action

Closed Syllables           Suffixes
D Syllable -(Double vowel)
Double vowel syllable or Vowel teams: 
long a   long e   long i   long o  long u

First Grade Fundations Lesson (video) This is a very good demonstration video created by the children with the teacher’s guidance.

Daily lesson plan  Daily lesson plan template (fillable pdf)




SE_Activity_Strips Printable Lesson Activity Strips (can be printed and laminated)

Fundations Home Packets – for parents