Literacy Resources Grades 3 – 12

Wonderopolis- Interesting articles on topics inspired by children’s wonderings and questions. The articles may be read independently and or you may choose to have the texts read to you.

Read WorksExcellent website with short printable grade level passages. It includes short and open-ended questions with each article. It also includes a new audio feature (great to use with ELLs). All free!

CommonLit – A large online library of free leveled literary and informational texts for grades 3-12.

  • High interest, well-written passages that help teachers assess student understanding, generate discussions, and even pair the texts with other media.
  • Each text passage offers thought-provoking text dependent questions, guided reading questions, and in the text vocabulary definitions.
  • It offers paired texts, student accounts, and parent guides.
  • Teachers can search by grade level, by genre, by standard, by literary device, or by theme. Teachers can also analyze student performance and compare class reports on key reading and writing skills.
  • Free for students and teachers!

News ELAThis site offers a huge collection of current news articles about a variety of topics of interest for grades 2 and up. .

  • Each article has a Lexile level, which can be changed to meet students’ needs.
  • With content and activities created specifically for students in grades 2-6, Newsela fits seamlessly into any elementary literacy routine.
  • Offers multiple ways of assessing students’ understanding through quizzes, annotations, and writing prompts.
  • Offers opportunities to teach vocabulary in context through power words.
  • All free!

Dogo News- A huge collection of articles in a kid friendly format.

  • Teachers can create their own class page and add their students who can then log on and read articles and answer questions.
  • It offers an opportunity for students to interact with other readers.
  • Teachers can download articles and use them for their classrooms.
  • All free!

National Geographic for KidsThis website offers interesting articles that can be read online for free.

Center for Urban Education – Short (one pagers) nonfiction texts that can be used to teach a variety of literary and comprehension skills. Each passage is followed by short and open-ended questions to assess comprehension. It also offers fiction and nonfiction skills-focused text sets with graphic organizers. Grades 1 and up.

Why Files – Online nonfiction articles for teachers and students. The site offers an interesting feature where you can delete text or images from the article directly on the site or open in a separate window. Articles can be selected by standard. Appropriate for middle and upper grades.

Tween Tribune –  A large collection of nonfiction articles each with a critical thinking question at the end.

  • Each article has a Lexile, which can be changed to meet students’ needs.
  • Each article is followed by three well-written comprehension questions and it offers the opportunity to write a comment about the article.
  • Teachers can assign articles to students and view quizzes.
  • Students choose articles they want to read.
  • Free accounts for students and teachers.  High interest articles on controversial issues – pros and cons with sources- appropriate for grades 4 – 12