Comprehension - Carlisle Area School DistrictComprehension refers to a rich understanding of the meaning of the reading passage. It is the ultimate objective in teaching children to read. It is essential not only to academic learning (across all subjects), but also to life-long learning. Strong reading comprehension involves the following:

  • Learning how to be aware of your understanding as you read and knowing how to deal with comprehension challenges as they arise
  • Being able to answer the who, what, where, when and why questions about the plot, characters, and events of the text
  • Generating your own questions as you read about what might happen next (predicting)
  • Summarizing the main idea or message
  • Making inferences about key ideas using clues from the passage

 As a child is learning to read, be sure to foster each of these five areas specifically in a developmentally appropriate way. Have fun with sounds in words, practice phonics using real objects and letters you can hold, play word games and read material that emphasizes learning new vocabulary, read to and with your child daily, and ask questions as you read. Providing a language-rich environment will help to create a strong, independent reader who can successfully navigate each of the five components.

Source: Read 20 Arizona

Much more information on comprehension: From R.I.S.E Arkansas




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